Conservation Planning

Conservation planning is the foundation for voluntary conservation delivery.

A comprehensive conservation plan is the first step to managing all the natural resources on your farm.

A conservation plan makes it easier to identify how and when you could qualify for Farm Bill financial assistance to help you install conservation practices, or receive incentives for trying new ones.

High-quality conservation plans can transform our future by giving landowners and operators the science-based data and step-by-step recommendations to improve their sustainability and productivity.


A conservation plan is a huge plus, and we’ve always had one; the soil has to make a living for me and I want to take care of it.  A conservation plan helps me think ahead, it provides direction, and documents what we’ve done.”

George Van Wychen

Farmer , Wisconsin

We had a general idea of what we wanted. What NRCS did was work with us to create a plan for our goals. Developing the plan helped us clarify what our goals were, and it helped clarify a process to move in that direction.”

The folks at NRCS walked around the farm with us and we just kind of brainstormed and talked about what we wanted. Then they helped guide us in the programs that they had that would match what we wanted to accomplish.

Theresa Lackey

Farmer , Missouri

The conservation plan gives us an enthusiasm and motivation for continuing to move forward in creating a dream that we want here.

Conservation Planning 101

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