Online Training

What is AgLearn?

  • AgLearn is the Department of Agriculture’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS), which means AgLearn is an online portal to provide and schedule valuable training and development opportunities.
  • New employees/new hires/new partners, contractors, volunteers, and Technical Service Providers (TSPs) will need to take the Information Security Awareness Training, “FY2019 (or current fiscal year) USDA Information Security Awareness,” before they can access AgLearn. Take the Information Security Awareness Training course and exam.
  • You will be asked for your person model ID (PMID). If you do not know your PMID, please leave that block blank. TSPs do not receive and or have a person model ID (PMID).

How do I access AgLearn?

  • AgLearn is accessible from any computer/mobile device with an internet connection.
  • You will be asked to login with your eAuthentication ID (eAuth ID) orLincPass.

Where can I get help with AgLearn questions?

  • For all AgLearn-related questions, we recommend contacting your local Training Officer/AgLearn Administrator/State-level Point of Contact. Find a list of Training Officers. You’ll want to scroll to find the Agency you work with, and click the link next to that Agency to open the full list of local points of contact.
  • We also recommend taking the AgLearn introductory courses for users. Once you are signed in to AgLearn, you can click on the “Find Learning” tab and type “AgLearn user” into the search block. All 100-level courses are targeted for general users. You will be prompted to enroll yourself in the course.
  • You will also find a block on your AgLearn dashboard for Ask AgLearn Now. If you click the yellow block, you can view frequently asked questions and put in a ticket forsupport.


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