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NCPP was proposed in October of 2014 to create a partnership effort that will strengthen the ongoing work at the field level and reinvigorate a focus on Conservation Planning and shared conservation delivery system. NCPP partners signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in February of 2015 (resigned in February of 2020). Charters for the partnership were then developed and agreed upon in April of 2015. From there, a Leadership Team was established along with five Action Teams. Since then, NCPP has condensed efforts into four Action Teams (Training and Tools, Communications and Messaging, Performance and Accountability, and Partnerships).

The partnership started the journey of developing a strategic plan in July of 2022 culminating in a signing ceremony February of 2023. After many dedicated hours from each partner, NCPP is ecstatic to share the 2023-2025 strategic plan.

Our Mission

NCPP is a joint commitment to advance conservation planning.”

Our Vision

Greater capacity to conduct quality planning to implement more voluntary conservation.”


Goal 1: Build strategic partnerships that directly support planners and conservation planning

Goal 2: Implement systems for workforce development and certification

Goal 3: Streamline and advocate for use of innovative and flexible tools, technologies, and processes

Goal 4: Commit to timely and seamless information flows across the conservation community

To accomplish these goals, the NCPP Leadership Team has appointed four Action Teams:

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Training, Certification, and Technical Tools

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Communication and Messaging

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Performance, Outcomes, and Accountability