HHB Award Information

The National Conservation Planning Partnership (NCPP) created the Hugh Hammond Bennett Award for Conservation Excellence in 2017 to honor the legacy of Hugh Hammond Bennett by recognizing producers and conservation planners from within the NCPP partnership who have exemplified outstanding service through development and implementation of sound conservation planning and other conservation techniques.

Your assistance is requested to help us recognize seven regional producers and seven regional conservation planners along with a national producer and conservation planner award winners.

Those interested in submitting a nomination should notify and possibly coordinate with their respective NCPP state partner leader: NRCS state conservationist, state conservation district association president or executive director, state conservation district employee association president or executive director, state resource conservation and development council association president or executive director and state conservation agency leadership. Note: NCPP recommends taking this step to reduce duplication of efforts and to be sure a nomination isn’t already planned for your state by the conservation partnership agencies – NRCS, NACD, NASCA, NARCDC, and NCDEA.

We encourage you to look at your past or current local/state conservation farmer/rancher award winners as possible nominees for the producer award. If your organization offers a planner award, please consider those past or current winners as possible nominees as well.

If you have questions, please contact the National Conservation Planning Partnership Coordinator email address: coordinator@ncpp.info 

FAQ and Expansion Letter

Award Categories

Producer Award

Any producer working with any of the NCPP partner organizations on conservation planning or implementation of a conservation plan is eligible for the producer award.

Conservation Planner Award

All NCPP partnership employees are eligible for the individual conservation planner award. Partner organizations are those recognized by NCPP at the national, state or local level.

Submit a Nomination

Nomination form opens July 1st and closes September 1st

Once ready to submit a nomination, please click and follow the link: https://nacd.formstack.com/forms/form_2024_hhb_award_for_conservation_excellence_nomination 

Note: You can save the nomination and come back to it at any time by clicking 'save and resume.'

Successful nominations should contain concise yet detailed narratives in each section for the evaluators to effectively assess each candidate's accomplishments.

Evaluation of Nominations

Both regional and national review teams (consisting of two representatives from each of the NCPP partner organizations) will evaluate nominations and submit scores for each nominee. Partner leaders will then use the same scoring system to determine national winners. All entries will receive equal review and evaluation. Award winners will be determined strictly upon the written explanation of their activities in the application and demonstration of their contributions to effectively provide assistance to customers relative to conservation planning and/or implementation of conservation techniques to address resource concerns and improve environmental performance. A point evaluation system will be used as follows.

Evaluation and Scoring Criteria for Producer Award

  • Commitment to Conservation (0-10 points): Nominee shall have a current conservation plan and demonstrate commitment to following and monitoring their plan.
  • Civic Engagement (0-10 points): Nominee demonstrates commitment to civic engagement and service at the local, state or national level. Civic engagement could be through elected or appointed service to a local soil and water conservation district; a resource conservation and development council; a local or state government body; or membership or service in other local, state or national organizations.
  • Pioneer New Approaches to Conservation Planning and Implementation (0-10 points): Nominee shall embrace and incorporate into their management strategy new and innovative conservation planning tools (i.e., Field Print Calculator, 4-R Nutrient Stewardship, etc.)
  • Advancement of Soil Health Adoption (0-10 points): Nominees not only have adopted soil health practices on their own land or operation but have also championed soil health through a variety of community outreach and educational activities.

Local Field Office Team Recognition

The team award will be presented to the local conservation planners and support staff who have provided assistance to the producer award winner.

A list of the individuals to be recognized should be included on the producer nomination form.

Evaluation and Scoring Criteria for Conservation Planner Award

  • Communication (0-5 points): Provide details of the nominee’s ability to communicate effectively and cultivate personal and professional relationships with diverse groups of farmers, ranchers, forest landowners, state, local and tribal government officials, non-profit organizations and businesses relative to conservation planning and implementation techniques. 
  • Relations (0-5 points): Describe the nominee’s working relationships and development of partnerships with diverse groups of farmers, ranchers, forest landowners, state, local and tribal government officials, non-profit organizations and businesses relative to conservation planning and implementation techniques.
  • Education and Training (0-10 points): Describe the nominee’s accomplishments in youth and/or adult education and training of others in conservation planning and implementation techniques including other staff, partners, local farmers, ranchers and forest landowners. The nominee should also demonstrate a commitment to professional development.
  • Application of Conservation Planning and Implementation (0-10 points): Describe the nominee’s assistance and technical contributions that have led to the application of outstanding conservation planning, implementation, and monitoring techniques demonstrating innovation on a variety of land uses to address local resource concerns to improve environmental performance.
  • Complexity of Work and Mix of Achievements (0-15 points): Describe the nominee’s work complexity and highlight the mix of accomplishments in each type of activity. The write up should illustrate the nominee’s commitment to and responsibilities in conservation planning and implementation of techniques to address resource concerns to improve environmental performance.
  • Professional Activities (0-5 points): Describe the nominee’s activities and involvement with professional conservation organizations that have assisted the nominee in achieving outstanding application of conservation planning and implementation techniques, such as, but not limited to, the Soil and Water Conservation Society, Society of American Foresters, Ecological Restoration Society, The Wildlife Society, Society for Rangeland Management, American Society of Agronomy and American Forage and Grassland Council, etc.

Winner Recognition

The national producer and conservation planner 2024 award winners will be formally recognized at the NACD Annual Meeting Appreciation Banquet in February of 2025. 

The national producer and conservation planner award winners are encouraged to attend the awards ceremony. Travel expenses will be paid by NCPP partners for all non-federal employees. Travel for any federal employee award winner will paid by their state.